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A space made for sharing

A space made for sharing

Hazy afternoon light filters through the blocks of Helsinki’s city center, finding its way through wide windows and into the home of Roosa and Mici. Their timeless Art Nouveau building holds a hom...

VisitingGetting cozy with Samu-Jussi Koski

Getting cozy with Samu-Jussi Koski

The wind gusts from the gunmetal sea, up a hill, through the streets of the Art Nouveau quarters of Helsinki towards Uspensky Cathedral. Here, at street-level, providing respite from the Katajan...

VisitingImmersed in art with Krista Kosonen

Immersed in art with Krista Kosonen

Beforeigners actress Krista Kosonen has found her favorite spot. It’s the corner of the living room of her new home, where she can watch life go by from the shelter of Helsinki’s historic Temppeli...

VisitingVilla Ekkulla: A place to get into the 70s mood

Villa Ekkulla: A place to get into the 70s mood

A few years back, word of a delightful old house for sale in the small seaside town of Dragsfjärd took creative entrepreneur Anna Helminen to the Finnish island of Kemiönsaari. It was there she fo...


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VisitingColor palette from the beaches of Hanko

Color palette from the beaches of Hanko

A few blocks from the coastal boulevard, a beautiful 1907 log house stands tall. After years of searching, it was through word-of-mouth that Mervi and Petri finally found this unique holiday home ...

VisitingBringing Brazil’s sunshine to Helsinki

Bringing Brazil’s sunshine to Helsinki

Brazilian-born designer, Florence, traveled the world to set up her business amid the green streets and 1960s apartment blocks of Helsinki’s Hermanni. Her globetrotting story comes alive in the c...