Linda Bergroth

For designer Linda Bergroth, colors and their observation are at the heart of everything. From this starting point evolved Cover Story’s first Capsule Collection.

The Linda Bergroth Capsule Collection consists of six shades. Some of the shades in the collection are designed to complement the basic collection, while others are born out of Linda’s personal desires and emotions. The color collection is a manifestation of the sources of inspiration around us - a storm-blue approaching from the horizon, the adaptive green of a sea cabbage, sweet and salty caramel.

Linda studied space and furniture design at Aalto University and architecture at the École d`Architecture Paris-Malaquais in Paris. After her studies, she has worked extensively in the field of design, where her skills have shifted from design to architecture, and from conceptual to industrial design. Her diverse professional experience is complemented by her passion for creative thinking.

Linda is an experienced color expert, constantly choosing shades from different color collages in her work. Creating her own collection provided a fascinating opportunity to work at the other end of the design process. She compares it to designing a candy and ice cream collection - you engage with every stage of the process and delight in the uniqueness of the final product.

Linda enjoys bold color combinations and interesting borders. According to her, when thinking about a space you go beyond the surfaces of ceilings and walls and think of them as vertial and horizontal fragments. “A colored ceiling is an easy device that always delights me. I have been looking for the right kind of blue for the living room for years and I look forward to painting it in LB2 ASTRID.”

"I’ve always been sensitive to colors - they have a huge impact on my state of mind. The fine colors of a passerby's clothes may be the highlight of my day, while a poorly colored wall can in turn take away the feelings completely. What is interesting about color perception is that it is a subjective sensory perception that can be mixed with other experiences. Similarly to wine, the taste is affected by where you are and who you're with, as well as what you're eating when you experience it.”

Colors salted caramel and sage green
Linda Bergroth capsule collection
Linda Bergroth capsule collection
Stormy blue and sand wall colors Cover Story


Yellowy light blue
From €2


Stormy blue
From €2


Salty caramel
From €2


Sage green
From €2
Dusty pink interior paint Cover Story LB5 EDITHEDITH


Dusty pink
From €2


Soft sand
From €2

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