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Green grey is an approachable and soothing paint that creates a balanced neutral backdrop for the interior. Neutral grey-green is an interior designer's best friend, as it matches with almost every color.

This timeless green suits every home and decor and creates a perfect neutral backdrop for furnishings. 026 AGATHA blends beautifully with warm wooden tones as well as other natural materials and neutral colors and this shade provides a calm backdrop for dark furniture and paintings. Soft grey-green is also a good, neutral alternative to white walls. Painted on half a wall, 026 AGATHA blends beautifully with 004 JOAN, 008 SYLVIA or LB4 JILL. And don’t hesitate to paint the whole room with this color – it won’t be too dark.

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Mud green

028 TONI

Mud green is a dark, olive green paint shade. This earthy green brings serenity to the space with its dark essence. 028 TONI gives the walls a softly light-reflecting matt surface. It also creates atmosphere on the ceiling, combined with light neutral or pastel walls.

Balanced, rich and neutral, olive green enjoys light blue company. Also try accompanying soulful dark green with bright red or orange. A touch of white also brings out the best in this deep shade of green.

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Dusty water green


Dusty water green is a mid-gray shade with green undertones. In sunlight, it presents its bright greenish side and creates an inviting atmosphere. The greenish blue-gray brings depth to a space and calms other interior colors with its presence. 017 MAGGIE gives the walls and ceilings a softly light-reflecting matt surface.

Combine with dark wooden tones – they bring out the best in this hue.

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