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Pale cold grey
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Mid blue-turquoise
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Mid storm grey
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Warm mid blue
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Deep blue
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Sunny light blue
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Stormy blue
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Six-tone color palette

Yellowy light blue


Yellowy light blue is a soft, sky blue paint shade. This light blue hue seen through yellowish sunglasses comes beautifully to life in light, illuminating the entire room. LB1 AUGUST is part of the Linda Bergroth Capsule Collection designed by Linda Bergroth. LB1 AUGUST gives the walls and ceilings a softly light-reflecting matt surface.

With a hint of yellow this mellow light blue softens the atmosphere of the space. This hazy tone works as part of a neutral color palette as well as alongside bright, bold colors. Combine with warm neutrals, soft greens or intense browns.

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Mid blue-turquoise


Mid blue turquoise is a lightly broken light turquoise blue paint shade. Fresh light blue brings classic elegance to the space and is easy to combine with different interiors. Turquoise blue also charms the ceiling and brings a sense of space to the room. Flat 015 ALBERT gives the walls and roof a soft light-reflecting matte surface.

Combine fresh turquoise with earthy tones like beige, greige and brown. The bright cold yellow also serves as a balanced pair for fresh light turquoise. Turquoise blue softens the reddish wood tones of the space, meaning this shade is a beautiful pair for dark furniture and different wood floors.

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Mid storm grey

016 TOVE

Mid Storm grey is a natural, grey-blue shade. Balanced grey-blue is a genuine shade of the north. 017 TOVE gives walls and ceilings a softly light-reflecting matt surface.

This rich and balanced grey-blue brings a restful atmosphere to the bedroom or a gentle, fresh pop to the white kitchen. 017 TOVE enjoys the company of wooden surfaces. Combine grey-blue with other neutral colors like green and blue, or revitalise otherwise white decor with this serene shade. This color is also charming on ceilings. 017 TOVE is a classic choice and can even be combined on one surface with other colors, such as 004 JOAN and 025 OSCAR. Paint the walls dark at the bottom and light at the top, and separate these shades with a narrow stripe.

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