We want to give painting a fresh start

Safe, plastic-free paints, a direct supply chain, small stocks and durable painting equipment - we want to make painting better for us and the environment.

Plastic free

What we surround ourselves with matters

For us, plastic-free is a fundamental choice. Why? Firstly, plastic-free paint does not form a film on the painting surface, but allows the building to breathe. Secondly, environmentally harmful plastic does not biodegrade naturally. And third, there is already enough plastic in the world.

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Metal paint cans


Designed to last

Like our durable paints, we want our painting supplies to last from one paint job to the next. That is why we make our products from high-quality and recyclable materials. By investing in durable equipment, you will save natural resources, effort and money in your future painting projects.

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We want the good choice to be the easy choice

We want to change the perception of painting. That’s why our supply chain is short, our inventory is small and we deliver paints right to your door. Our streamlined supply chain reduces logistical emissions, paint wastage and facilitates a smooth interior design experience.

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Small wood handled paint roller Cover Story