Our commitment to a responsible future

We at Cover Story intend to rethink what has always been done as routine: create new protocols of transparency in the paint manufacturing processes. More particularly, our intent is to preserve nature and re-evaluate old-fashioned industry practices. We are working to do our part by bringing transparency and offering high quality, low-emission products with a low-impact manufacturing process.

Well thought out manufacturing

A significant proportion of the world's greenhouse gasses come from everyday life. Yet even more important are emissions from transport and logistics.

We produce all of our paint in Southern Finland. This means less transport is required, and therefore less carbon emissions are generated. In addition we have more surveillance and control of the production process.

It matters what surrounds you

As we use more and more substances and products containing chemicals in our daily lives, we expose ourselves to their side effects. As manufacturers, we must take responsibility for the products we make, and as consumers for the commodities we consume. These choices matter both for our health and for the collective future of our planet.

We want the good choice to be the easy choice

We want the good choice to be the easy choice