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Tuscan vibes meet northern shores

Wia and Tara, the sisters of Café Kuuma, and their mother Ria, have found their place in the peace of Jollas, Helsinki.

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My Inspiration

Juho Huttunen, Photographer

Photographer Juho Huttunen captures moments in his home and surroundings, explaining how the interwoven colors inspire and unite the surrounding nature and architecture.

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Linda Bergroth Capsule Collection

For designer Linda Bergroth, colors and their observation are at the heart of everything. From this starting point evolved Cover Story’s first Capsule Collection.

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Cover Story Painting Club

Because painting (and everything else) is much nicer with good music.

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How to

Tools you need to paint a room

When painting your home, a smooth and flawless finish isn’t just a matter of good painting technique or the quality of your chosen paint. The correct choice of high quality painting equipment will help you ensure a beautiful, end result.

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