How Cover Story paint is made?

It all starts with color design

Each Cover Story color is tested in a real environment and under different lighting conditions. Due to the limited number of colors available, we want each of our shades to be just right and give wall and ceiling surfaces an evenly light-reflecting, rich matt finish.


All paints basically consist of a binder, a pigment, a solvent and various excipients. Cover Story paints’ binder is based on renewable plant oil, unlike most paints that use synthetic plastic-based ingredients as binders. To ensure the paint's shelf life, our paints contain a small amount of preservatives. All Cover Story paints are water-based and made with the best, color-saturated pigments. We make our paint VOC-free, plastic-free and odourless.


Cover Story paints are produced in Southern Finland. At start of the paint manufacturing process, raw materials are carefully weighed, after which they are mixed in large vats for multiple hours. Each paint batch is quality controlled before canning. When the batch is measure to meet quality criteria, paint is canned and labeled. No paint waste is generated during manufacture – any product residue is utilized in the next production batch.


Paint is canned on production line to metal cans. We chose metal cans as they are fully recycleable. Recycling metal saves energy and natural resources, as metals can be recycled infinitely without deteriorating in quality. As the A4 size adhesive paint samples are made with real Cover Story paint, no separate test paint tins are required. Minimalist labels and stickers on packaging are an environmentally responsible choice, like the easily recyclable and reusable materials used in packaging.


For quality control, a laboratory sample is taken from each batch of paint. During quality control technical measures such as viscosity and coverage are measured. This ensures that all Cover Story paint is high quality and matches the CS signature matt sheen level.