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007 ZADIE – Cream is a classic, creamy, light shade with a light yellowish tint that brings softness and warmth to the room, giving a soft backdrop to other interior colors. 007 ZADIE gives the walls and ceilings a softly light-reflecting matt finish.


This yellowish white works perfectly in both a modern environment and a romantic wooden house. It also works well as a ceiling shade combined with a palette of soft pastels on the walls. Combine 007 ZADIE with an interior and materials of natural shades or as a backdrop color to complement intense, warm colors. A beautiful pairing for shades of blue and grey.


Cover Story rollers have been tested and selected for their suitability for painting interior walls and ceilings. The densely woven roller has excellent covering power and is suitable for medium-smooth surfaces. The paint spreads easily and gives a fine-textured matt finish to interior walls and ceilings. The artifical brush included in the kit tested best for Cover Story water-based paints. Unlike a natural brush, its bristles do not swell, helping to achieve an even paint job.

Painting accessories made of high-quality and durable materials are designed to last from one paint job to the next: the roller arm is made of Danish beech and the tray is made of readily recyclable metal.

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All products are delivered in approximately 2-5 days.

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Free shipping for samples. For paint orders the shipping fee is 10 EUR per order. There is no shipping fee for orders over 200 EUR.

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