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Cover Story Paint

Product description: Full-matt plastic-free interior paint. A breathable interior paint with a renewable natural oil binder.

Directions for use: Interior walls and ceilings. Stir the paint thoroughly before applying. The surface must be dry and clean, the temperature min. +5 C°.

Drying: Once the first coat is finished, allow the surface to dry for 1–2 hours before you apply another coat. Most walls shouldn’t require more than two coats.

Suitable for: With Cover Story paints, you can paint unpainted and previously painted paneling, wood, plasterboard and stone surfaces indoors. The paints are also suitable for cardboard, brick and rendered surfaces. Thanks to their excellent breathability, Cover Story paints are also great for interior log surfaces.

Coverage: 3,6 litre cans cover up to 30–40m² once. Remember to double the square metres of your painted area, as two coats of paint will give you the best results.

Thinner: Cover Story paints use water as a thinner so they are water-based paints.

Most paints use a variety of plastic materials as binders. For us plasticity is a fundamental choice. That is why Cover Story paints use renewable and plant based castor oil as a binder.

Gloss level:
 Cover Story full-matt paints have CS signature matt finish with low light reflectance. 

Cleanup: It's recommended you clean painting supplies immediately after use, as the paint will stick to the brushes as it dries. Cover Story paints are water soluble, which means that water alone is enough to clean the equipment. Read more about cleaning here.

Recycling paints and painting supplies: Recycle empty paint cans and metal paint tray in metal recycling. Dry brushes and rollers that have lived their lives are disposed into mixed waste. Recycle liquid paint and paint waste according to your local recycling guidelines. Read more about recycling here.

Care instructions: All Cover Story paints are fully matt and leave a smooth matt surface. Surfaces painted with Cover Story paints can be washed with water and, if necessary, with a neutral detergent. Ceilings and walls are best cleaned with a dampened mop or microfiber cloth. 

Retaining: An unopened paint can can be stored without deterioration for several years. After it's been opened, it can be kept in a warm, dry place with the lid tightly closed. Water-borne paints do not withstand freezing, so don't leave your paint in the shed over winter. Paint can must not freeze.

Discover our safety date sheet here.

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