Recycling paints and painting supplies

Once you have painted all the desired surfaces, recycling is the last stage of your painting project. High-quality paints and painting supplies last over time and multiple uses, so winding up a painting project does not have to mean a trip to the recycling center. 

If there’s a lot of paint left over, tell your story and treat a friend to some Cover Story paint. The opened paint can will keep well if it's sealed tightly and kept in a warm and dry place. Be sure to mix the paint vigorously when you use it again.

Painting supplies are long-lasting if you maintain them properly. Brushes and rollers should be cleaned immediately after use and stored for the next application. See the link at the bottom of the page for maintenance instructions for painting supplies.

Recycling paint 

Liquid paint and paint waste are officially classified as hazardous waste, even though Cover Story paints have no solvents or plastics.

In other words, if there is liquid paint left at the bottom of the paint can, dispose of it as hazardous waste. Regional collection points and recycling collection trucks receive hazardous waste.

If paint has caked to the bottom of the tin and is fully dried, you can scrape the paint residue into mixed waste.

Recycling painting supplies

Dry brushes and rollers that have lived their lives are disposed of into mixed waste. You can also put the wooden mixing stick from Cover Story into mixed waste.

Cover Story paints are contained in metal cans. The paint tray is also made of metal. Metal was chosen as the raw material for our accessories as it's recyclable, saving energy and natural resources. Also, it can be recycled numerous times without deteriorating in quality. The Cover Story roller tray and empty paint should therefore be placed in your metal recycling collection.

If there is only a thin layer of completely dried paint left on the bottom of the paint tray or paint can, you can sort them into your metal collection.

Please note that plastic paint trays and paint containers should be recycled as either hazardous waste or plastic collection. However, plastic paint containers must be clean if they are to be recycled as plastic waste.

After you paint with Cover Story's water-based paints, allow the water you soak your equipment in to settle - you can pour clear water down the drain and allow the residue to dry, disposing of the dried paint as mixed waste. Paint-soaked water is hazardous waste. See the link at the bottom for more detailed washing instructions.

Thank you for recycling.