We want the good choice to be the easy choice

We want to promote the shift towards a more sustainable existence and make it easier to make better choices in everyday life. More than half of Finland's greenhouse gas emissions come from our everyday lives: how we live, move, eat and what we buy - that's why everyday choices matter.

Online store

We believe that sustainable solutions should be easy solutions. We want to offer consumers better alternatives, products and an e-commerce service that reduces detrimental environmental impacts. Ordering paint and painting supplies from our online store directly to your door means one less car trip to the hardware store.

Locally produced

All Cover Story paints are manufactured locally in Finland. Our paints go from the factory in southern Finland to our warehouse in Vantaa, and from there directly to the customer. This cuts out intermediate storage, hardware stores, colour-mixing and other additional distribution points.


Our transport partners use optimized transport routes to reduce delivery distances - and therefore the product's carbon footprint. The last kilometer of a product, ie. the distance from the post office or delivery point to the consumer, accounts for a large proportion of total transport emissions. That's why we deliver paints, painting supplies and colour samples directly to your home.

Supply chain

A streamlined supply chain makes our customer's lives easier and facilitates a smoother interior design process. Simultaneously, our efficient operating model reduces overproduction and paint wastage. We only produce what we can sell through our own channels.