Plastic free

What we surround ourselves with matters


Many people don't realise that their own facial cleanser, synthetic garment or living room wall paint contains plastic that could end up in the sea at the end of a product’s life cycle. In fact, paints are one of the most significant sources of marine microplastics. Most of these come from ship-surfacing materials, but some architectural exterior and interior paints end up in the sea. Water-borne plastics are a serious environmental threat, as there are no effective ways to remove tiny and increasingly granular microplastics. For this reason, the elimination of microplastics is crucial.

A principled choice

For us, plastic-free is a fundamental choice. Our plastic-free paints ensure that microplastics don't end up in our natural environment. Most paints on the market use a variety of synthetic, plastic-based ingredients as a binder. 100% renewable castor oil is used as the binder base for Cover Story paints. Without the formation of a plastic film on the painted surface, the structures are allowed to breathe, in turn reducing moisture damage such as mold. Thanks to their excellent breathability, Cover Story paints are also well suited for interior wood and log surfaces.

We want to be at the forefront of reform There is aready enough plastic in the world

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