Sticky. Like our adhesive, A4 sized color samples. Because a tiny sample in the middle of the wall isn't enough to tell the full story.

Accent wall

Painting is not either/or. If a monochrome home feels too samey, paint one wall (or ceiling!) a different color. An accent wall can bring brightness or change the feeling of a room.


Acrylate paint, acrylate latex, latex paint… all refer to water-based paint, which often contains plastics as a binding agent. Most interior paints are acrylate paints. However, we don’t want to put plastic on the walls, or let it into the indoor air, let alone the environment, which is why all Cover Story paints are completely plastic-free. This is a word you won't find on a can of Cover Story paint.

Acrylic paint

Hit the acrylic paints when creativity strikes. Acrylic paints belong in the artist's color palette, interior paints are a separate matter.

Articifial brush

Our painting supply kits come with the artificial brush which tested best for our Cover Story water-based paints. Unlike a natural brush, its bristles don't swell, helping to achieve an even paint job.



The purpose of a binder is to bind a paint's ingredients together and attach the paint to its substrate. Most other paint products use a variety of synthetic raw materials such as plastics. Because Cover Story is plastic-free, castor oil is used as a binder for Cover Story paints.


A dark red color also known as Bordeaux. Burgundy red is named after the color of the wine produced in the Burgundy region. Deep burgundy is also one of Cover Story’s favorite colors, so if you also love this earthy hue, check out the shade we call OSCAR.


The breathability of a paint refers to its ability to absorb and evaporate water according to fluctuations in humidity. Contrary to what one might think, breathability isn't related to ventilation. Most hardware store paints contain plastic binders which form a plastic film on the paint's surface. Unlike traditional paints, Cover Story’s plastic-free paints allow structures to breathe while reducing moisture-induced damage such as mold.



We perceive colors as light is reflected from the surface of an object or transmitted through a substance. A newborn child doesn't see colors, only a black and white world - but color vision develops to its full capacity within months. In fact, humans see the world in different colors than other mammals.

Cover story


Color chart

Often a fan of small cardboard swatches or a chart with of hundreds squares of printed color that you're supposed to use to choose the shade for the large expanses of wall or ceiling in your home. That’s why we’ve curated a color palette for you with just the right options. The 42-shade palette chosen by our color expert is perfect for the northern light. Trust us, this is all the choice you need.


The amount of paint needed to paint a certain number of square metres. With one Cover Story paint can you can paint an area of 30–40m². The required amount of coverage can be calculated by multiplying the width of the surface to be painted by its length. Be sure to double the number of square metres, as you will get the best result with two coats of paint.



Powdery, matt and medium shades get a new vibe when combined with intense colors in small details. For example, give a gentle powdery tone some backbone by contrasting it with a pop of earthy reddish brown.

Digital color collection

When the decorating bug bites, our digital color collection is a good place to start, but you should definitely order a physical color sample before you make your final choice. Our experience of color is affected by the material, light and gloss of the surface. Order your favorite color as an A4 adhesive sample – painted with real paint, not just printed – and you can really experience the color in your space.


The idea that painting is only for handymen is so outdated! Beautifying faded or discoloured walls or freshening up your home doesn't need to be complicated or ad hoc. Approach things with a bit of preparation and you can truly transform your space with some well-placed strokes of the roller. It's both deeply satisfying and therapeutic!

Drying time

There are three stages when it comes to the drying time of your paint job: Dust-dry, repaintable and dry. After the first coat of paint you have time to enjoy a coffee break – after an hour, the surface is "repaintable", meaning it's ready for the second round of painting. Cover Story paint is considered dry after two hours under normal room conditions.



Almost all paints can be called eco-paints for one reason or another, but the true sustainability of a paint is a bit more complicated to assess. Comparing products advertised as eco-paints is challenging; both water soluble or low VOC paints could technically be called "eco-paints". Yet, we feel that to be truly eco-friendly, the environmental impact of a product must be considered for its entire life cycle. In our opinion, true eco-paints are paints made from natural raw materials and do not contain synthetic raw materials such as plastics. All Cover Story paints are plastic-free, VOC-free and all ingredients are sourced from a traceable supply chain.


Face paint

A popular paint with children which can also conjure a completely new look. But don't try to paint your walls with it!

Favorite color

The color you never get bored of. Find our version of it and paint your favorite story – or create a new one!

Franz Kafka

One of the most famous German-language writers of the 20th century, whose dreamlike narratives inspired the Cover Story palette. There is a story in every paint can. Take a look at our color palette to see how Tove Jansson's and Oscar Wilde’s mental landscapes have also been translated into our color collections.



Do you know the Scandi go-to when it comes to background tones? The big sister of the more restrained beige, greige pairs with sisal, rattan and light wood tones. Surround yourself with the beiged out softness of gray.



Check out our Linda Bergroth capsule for an already curated color palette that will harmonise your interior design. Easy peasey and always just right.


India's Hindu festival of colors. Celebrated in the spring, festivalgoers delight in drenching each other in every color of the rainbow.



What inspires you? Where does your inner-artist get their kicks? We are inspired by the good around us – people, things and of course, colors. We want you to see your home with new eyes, through color.



We believe that color is the most powerful element for creating atmosphere in a space. Painting is more than just renovation or maintenance – we want you to delight in telling your own story through paint!



005 KIM. Our favourite steam white - it's warm, with a hint of light gray when the mood takes it. Steam white brings life to the space and combines the materials of the interior in a unified whole, and it's also easy to combine with a neutral color palette, a backdrop tone of warm beige, or paired with an intense, warm blue. You can find KIM in our Basic Collection.



See acrylate paint.


The quality and quantity of light significantly affects our perception of color – especially when it comes to interiors. Be sure to take into account the amount of natural light between the different seasons when choosing a shade of paint. All shades of Cover Story can be ordered directly as color samples that adhere to the surface to be painted, so you can see how the shade responds to the amount of light in the room from dawn to dusk, and beyond.


Matt paint

Cover Story paints give the walls and ceilings a softly light-reflecting matt surface. Excellent coverage and Cover Story's signature matt finish means walls and ceilings perform beautifully in every light, from summer sun to the dark of winter.


Many hardwear store paints contain plastics. Sadly, paint particles play a part in the increasingly devastating microplastics pollution of our oceans, as they contain polyurethanes, polyesters, polyacrylates, polystyrenes, alkyls and epoxies. All Cover Story paints are plastic-free. For us, it's a fundamental choice.


Natural paint

See eco-paint.


Do you fancy Karen, Hermann or maybe Tove? Each shade of Cover Story has its own name. Whether its cool pink Francis or creamy Zadie, you're bound to find the right company.



All Cover Story paints are designed with comfort and usability in mind, not just aesthetics. Our paints are both VOC-free and odorless, making the painting experience even more pleasant.

One color

If you've found the one shade that really speaks to you, play with that color in different tones. Monochrome color schemes can be particularly striking in smaller houses or even tiny homes.



A surface treatment agent whose main function is to protect surfaces, but also looks nice. We feel that with the right colors, you can make a unique mark on your surroundings – and tell your own story through paint.

Painter's tape

Otherwise known as masking tape, it's used in painting to protect the surfaces you don't want to get paint on. Firmly attach short pieces of tape to the edges of your wall, including the ceiling, corners and any moldings or fixtures you want protected. The tape should be removed immediately after painting, preferably when the paint is slightly damp. If the paint has already dried, remove the masking tape evenly at an angle of about 30 to 45 degrees from the surface.

Painter's white

A traditional, gray-accented white is often referred to as painter's white. The name dates back to a time when painters mixed their own shades of white, often using color pigments such as ocher and carbon black to offset the starkness of an untinted white. Compared to untinted white, painter's white is a sure choice as it won't throw off yellowish tones like a straight white can. We named Cover Story’s modern painter's white "Emily" – find it in our digital color palette.


Did you know that paint is also used as a tool in competitive sports? Paintball is a tactical game where opponents shoot at each other with pellets of color. Alongside hobby paintball, competitive paintball is now a thing – the first Finnish League game was played in 1994. However, "ammunition paint" is made with food coloring, so don't try this with interior paints!

Plant decorating

Verdant interior design became a megatrend in the late 2010s when living greens were a counterbalance to graphic black-and-white interiors. We realize that colors are the next IT thing for interiors.


Plastic-free paints do not form a plastic film on the painted surface, which allows the building to breathe. Furthermore, environmentally harmful plastic does not end up in waterways and nature.


Cover Story paint is considered self-priming. It has great coverage, so if your surface has been painted in the past you shouldn't need to use a primer. If the surface is in bad shape and, for example, requires replastering, you may consider using a primer. You can find Cover Story's primer in our color palette.


Quelle couleur!

"What color!". You can exclaim this when you find your favorite amongst our shades.



Brushes are available to suit every painting adventure – and we’ve searched for just the right ones and tested them for you. In the Cover Story accessory set you will find the right brush for the right job, and also know that it's a perfect match for all our paints.

Roller frame extension pole

Plugging an extension arm into your roller frame makes it easy to get even pressure from floor to ceiling – or ceiling to ceiling. Cover Story’s attractive Danish beech extension arm also brings a chic Scandi aesthetic to the painting project – because we relish the journey as much as the destination.



Paint splashes don't always have to be a mistake, and in some cases they're bang on trend. Top French fashion brand Maison Margiela’s famous "paint splash" sneakers cost almost 500 euros.

Saint John, Canada

This charming Canadian seaside city charms visitors with its multicolored cityscape. Residents of the city are said to have painted their houses in bright colors to make their locale beautiful even in foggy weather.


A negative image or pattern cut into plastic, metal or paper that's used to transfer shapes or images to another surface. A stencil allows you to bring art to any room, whether it's stars on the bedroom ceiling or a beautiful nursery design. Make sure that you dab thoroughly through the holes or gaps carefully with a sponge or brush, and ensure there is enough protective paper around the edges of the stencil so you don't get any stray blots.


Stories are the fabric that surrounds us, in the form of words, objects, landscapes – and colors. We give you the colors to bring your very own story into your home. We believe that colors have the power to do us good.



In hardware stores, after you choose your color, a base paint is given the required tint by a machine that mixes it with liquid color pastes, making the result less dependable. We tint our paints during manufacture, for a consistently reliable color result. Also, consumers can be surprised by additional tinting fees that add a hefty surcharge to the can price. All Cover Story paint cans are pre-tinted, meaning you can make your choice based purely on your favorite color, with no nasty surprises at checkout.


A shallow, sloping tray into which you pour paint and rotate the roller. Cover Story’s metal paint tray lasts from paint job to paint job. At the end of its lifecycle, the tray is easy to recycle as part of your regular metal collection.


A difference in the degree or intensity of a color, ie. how light or dark it is. One color can have an almost infinite number of varying tones. Tone is also a musical word – a fact which we think reflects the idea that painting can be as varied and inspiring as music!



How many times have you given the walls or ceiling a thorough wash? Probably never. That's because everyday scuffs or grime can easily be wiped off with a damp cloth. We also recommend giving any surface to be painted a wipe over before you start. Warm water mixed with liquid sugar soap or another gentle cleaner is usually fine for the job.


Warm, cool, greyish, clean, accented or chalky – white is infinite in its variety! On white surfaces, light is of great importance. Also, the chosen tint intensifies as the painted surface area increases. A good rule of thumb is that if the shade looks a little accented in the color sample, it won't seem quite as bold on the wall.


The opposite to solvent-borne paint. In principle, water-borne paint is a safer choice than solvents in terms of the environment, health and painting comfort. Today, virtually all interior paints are waterborne. Yet, while waterborne is a good thing, it doesn’t necessarily make the paint environmentally friendly or safe. Many waterborne paints can contain harmful VOC emissions as well as plastic. Because we want to make better paints, all Cover Story paints are plastic-free and VOC-free.


VOC emissions

Volatile organic compounds or VOCs can leach into the air. These compounds are harmful to human health and increase the ozone concentration in the atmosphere, which is harmful to the environment. Many hardware store paints release VOC emissions during painting and drying. However, all Cover Story paints are completely VOC-free, meaning you can breathe easy inside your home.


Who said bathrooms should be clinical white or boring neutral? We think brushing your teeth or applying your moisturiser is a lot more fun when you're surrounded by your favorite color.



The atmosphere in your home once your painting project is complete!