Before you start

How much paint is required?

Once you’ve found your favorite shade of Cover Story paint, estimate the area to be painted. One tin is enough for 30-40m² of surface area. In most cases, you will achieve the perfect result with two coats of paint, so be sure to calculate for double the area to be painted.

Do I need a primer?

Priming is usually only necessary for the initial treatment of new surfaces. You can generally paint a new color on top of the old paint without a separate primer.

Required equipment

I. Roller
II. Brush
III. Roll of tape
IV. Paint tray
V. Roll of protective paper or newspaper

Pro tip!

It's a good idea to rinse the new roller before use as some lint may come off. Dry the roller before painting.

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Last but not least, invite a friend to help you out.

How to paint a wall