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Match shades wherever you plan to paint

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Forget cumbersome and expensive sample tins

The shade surrounding us is the most important interior element. Yet choosing just the right color is tricky with tiny swatches and bulky sample cans. That's why we use A4-sized color samples that adhere directly to the surface to be painted.

Grey shades hallway Cover Story

The quality and amount of light significantly affects how you experience the color

That’s why we want you to explore your favorite shades in the environment you’re going to paint. Thanks to the adhesive backing on Cover Story color samples, you can move them from one wall to another, and even to the ceiling, to see how the shade responds to the amount of light in the room, morning to night.

Painted color samples A4 Cover Story

Painted color samples

Since all our color samples are painted with genuine Cover Story paint, you can be sure you will love the shade on your walls as much as you do on paper.

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