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i05 LAILA – Joyful sky blue is a light sky blue paint shade. This captivating sky blue paint shade is warm and playful without being flamboyant or too bright. i05 LAILA evokes poetic dreams, the unhurried mood of a sweltering summer sky, and the feeling of serene summer days. i06 LAILA - Joyful sky blue gives walls and ceilings a softly light-reflecting matt surface. 

Combined with light woods, birch, or ash trees, i05 LAILA creates a sense of soulfulness to the space. i05 LAILA is easy to combine with different styles, building eras, or colors. It freshens up greens or browns and adds a vivid contrast to grays or other neutral shades. i05 LAILA also fits in well with classic interiors - its inspiration can be found in classic Scandinavian mansion houses, combined with light neutrals, 032 KAREN yellow or gold. Combined with dark burgundy 025 OSCAR and green LB4 JILL, i05 LAILA takes you back to the 50s and, when paired with trendy steel surfaces, it's a perfect match. i05 LAILA is also a great shade paired with i04 VOLTER from the Cover Story x Iittala collection. i05 LAILA is part of the Cover Story x Iittala color collection.


Cover Story paints are suitable for painting interior wall and ceiling surfaces. Water-based paints are safe for indoor use because they are odorless and do not emit harmful VOC emissions into the air during painting. Cover Story paints are also completely plastic-free, so they do not form a plastic film on the painted surface, allowing the building to breathe. Thanks to their breathability, Cover Story interior paints are also suitable for wood and log surfaces.

Plastic-free paints do not form a plastic film on the painted surface, which allows the building to breathe. Furthermore, environmentally harmful plastic does not end up in waterways and nature.

VOC-free, odorless paint is a safe choice for interiors. No harmful VOC emissions are released into the air during painting, and the lack of odor makes painting pleasant.

Plastic-free paint allows structures to breathe, preventing moisture-induced damage such as mold. Thanks to their breathability, Cover Story interior paints are also ideal for wood and log surfaces.

Excellent coverage and Cover Story's signature matt finish means walls and ceilings gently reflect light - from the summer sun to the dark of winter.

Rich and accurate shade reproduction is a feature of Cover Story paints. Unlike paints sold in hardware stores, all Cover Story paints are sold pre-tinted. The price is the same regardless of color. In this way, each color is consistent in quality and shade.

Color samples painted with real paint make choosing a shade effortless. The A4-sized, adhesive-backed color sample adheres directly to the surface to be painted. Since the quality and amount of light significantly affects how we perceive color, you can see what the shade looks like in different lighting and at different times of the day. The color samples are made with genuine Cover Story paints, so the sample is guaranteed to match the actual paint.

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