Designed to last

High-quality recyclable materials are a prerequisite for today's products. It is important to us that our material choices are as sustainable and recyclable as possible for the consumer. We want to ensure that our painting supplies last from one paint job to the next. High-quality painting supplies save natural resources, effort and money in future painting projects.

Metal paint tins and trays

We have chosen materials for our products that can be reused as efficiently as possible. Our paint tins and paint trays are 100% metal, as metal can be recycled almost indefinitely. The metal industry uses recycled metal as a raw material in the manufacture of new metal products. Around half of the raw materials used to make new metal products come from recycling.

Cardboard delivery packaging

All of our products and product packaging are either reusable or recyclable. Our delivery packaging can withstand recycling five to seven times. Our packing tape is completely plastic-free.

Interior paint home delivered

Durable tools

We also encourage our customers to care for painting supplies after use, as properly maintained equipment will have an extended lifespan. That is why we have compiled care instructions for painting materials on our website. Instructions for recycling paints and painting supplies can also be found below.

Maintenance and recycling of painting equipment
Durable and recyclable painting tools