Collaborative Collection

Cover Story x Iittala

Cover Story, a forerunner in plastic-free paints, and Iittala, a pioneer in Nordic design, launched a collaboration collection of six paint shades. Inspired by Iittala’s glass color archive of more than 200 different shades and the aesthetics of Nordic design, the collection of plastic-free interior paints has been created by Päivi Häikiö, designer and Cover Story Design Director. The collection consists of six colors: yellow, beige, green, brown and two shades of blue.

Colors play a key role for both Iittala and Cover Story. Iittala is an internationally recognized expert in color glass and Cover Story is an interior paint professional. Both brands are united by what makes up the ultimate essence of color: that the perception of colour never stops but the experience is always unique and caught up in the moment. The collaborative collection stems from the brands’ strong understanding of colors and their impact on space and mood.

Häikiö explored the different forms of Iittala’s popular colors, yellow, linen, blue and brown, looking for different castors and color palettes of the same shade. The expedition resulted in a collection of four paint shades that respects the philosophy of Nordic design and the history of the use of Iittala’s glass colors.

“Glass and glass colors are at Iittala’s core. For 140 years, we have been creating, thinking and shaping the Nordic way of life. It is fascinating to collaborate with companies and designers who share the same values. Cover Story has wonderfully drawn from our brand’s design tradition and created timeless paint colors — you can either choose one or the entire color palette for your home,” explains Jonna Puhakka, Product Manager, who is responsible for Iittala’s collaborations.

The Cover Story x Iittala collection is available in the Cover Story online store and at Cover Story’s Helsinki Paint Studio at Bulevardi 17.

All shades are sold pre-tinted in 3.6- and 9-liter cans. Discover the novelty shades from A4-sized adhesive samples painted with genuine Cover Story paint. Samples match 100% of the final shade.

"The classics and architecture within the Finnish art industry are the sources of inspiration for Cover Story’s color scale - that is, the whole tradition of spatial atmosphere and know-how, to which Iittala is also intertwined. Iittala’s rich tradition and the color glass combinations created by artists - designers and glassblowers - inspired me to create new shades of collaboration. The coloured glass appears in several different colors at the same time: the color of its shadow, the reflection conjured by water and the sun, the play of the edge, shape, color and thickness of the glass." – Päivi Häikiö



Joyful sky blue
From €2


Nocturnal moss green
From €2


Timeless linen
From €2


Curious yellow
From €2


Voyager's brown
From €2


Northern blue
From €2

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