Cover Story Painting Club - Playlist III

Amsterdam-based DJ Super Ons put together a playlist for us, which softly captures your senses and brings eclectic tunes for the darkening autumn evenings and painting days.

"I have always associated sounds to colors, visualizing notes and moods and stimulating these different senses in sync. These cognitive links are scientifically defined as synesthesia. It thus felt a very natural process to select this set of songs when I first saw the Cover Paint Story mood board and colors. I hope this playlist will softly take you by the hand and help capture your senses while providing the pleasing feeling of enjoying the process and its result: a more mindful and colorful space." – DJ Super Ons

Get into the mood with the rhythms of DJ Super Ons, perfect for both weekend get-togethers and painting days!



Shop samples

In our home, we have combined 005 KIM with green-gray 026 AGATHA. At the moment, I’ve also enjoyed the combination of rose-beige 021 SIRI and mid-brown 022 EVELYN in our office.

Anssi Jokinen - Founder of Cover Story